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Eye Health & Vision Problems

Eye Health & Vision Problems

Young or old, perfect vision or not, you should already be focusing on your vision care.


As eye care specialists, eye care is not something that we take lightly - your eyes allow you to see, which allows you to perform many daily functions that we take for granted. At 1001 Optometry, our leading eye care specialists are here to help ensure the proper care of your vision and their tips can help teach you how to take care of your sight now and in the future.


Some eye problems could be avoided by following a few simple eye care tips, and that is why we are here to offer our expert advice. We provide customers with the support they need to ensure that their vision stays in the best shape that it can, for as long as it can. Whether you need driving glasses, reading glasses or computer glasses, here at 1001 Optometry we have solutions to help alleviate some of the strain everyday tasks can place on your eyes.


Don't let a simple mistake cost you some, or all, of your vision. We are here to keep you educated and provide you with the help you need to properly care for your vision. However, if something does happen, we are also here to help you through the process of getting glasses and the new maintenance procedures that your eyes will require. For information on specific vision problems, such as Macular Degeneration, Cataracts and more, view our helpful guides or speak to one of our friendly consultants in store.


If you are not sure how to properly care for your eyes, contact us today about learning more on vision care. Let us keep you seeing the world through your own two eyes, for as long as possible. Check out some of our best eye care tips, straight from the leading eye care specialists themselves. You can trust that we will provide you with quality information that will provide optimal results. We believe that pro-active healthcare and vision care are the key to maintaining the precious value of your sight.