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Single Vision Glasses Lenses

Single Vision Glasses Lenses

Much of the time, if you need a glasses prescription, then single vision lenses are a simple yet effective option. Here at 1001 Optometry, we make it easy to get glasses, sunglasses, or contacts with this type of lens, for a truly personalised and convenient solution. If you’re not sure what the term means, then read on!


Single vision lenses, as the name suggests, have the same focal power over the whole lens. They are great if you need them for a specific application, such as reading or driving, and are suitable for either those with short or long-sightedness. As such, this is a very popular option, and is the most commonly prescribed type of lens. With a huge selection of stylish and affordable eyewear to choose from, it’s not difficult to find a suitable size, shape, or style that’s compatible with these lenses.


If you already know your prescription, it’s perfectly simple to choose and order a suitable product here on the website, or in one of our 16 stores in NSW and Victoria. Not sure about whether this prescription is right for you, though? Just book an eye test at your Local Store in NSW and VIC, and we’ll be able to quickly ascertain which single vision glasses you need.


If you need single vision glasses or contacts, then we’re the smart choice here at 1001 Optical. With an unrivalled range of products, ultra competitive prices, and exceptional customer service, we take pride in caring for our customers. We’ll help direct you towards the perfect product, as well as giving valuable advice and answering any queries you may have. Once you’ve decided on one, be sure to check out our special offers section - it may be that you can save even more money!