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Book An Eye Test

Are you experiencing blurry, hazy or distorted vision? Do your eyes hurt? Are they red or swollen for an unknown reason? Do you experience headaches after reading or doing computer work? Do you have watery eyes? Is it difficult for you to see at night? Are your eyes sensitive to light?


If your answer is yes to any or some of these questions, it may be high time to book an eye test with 1001 Optical. Contact us today!


What happens when you come in for an eye test

A visit to the optometrist for an eye test is quite straightforward. In fact, a typical eye testing session will likely take only 20 to 30 minutes.


Initial eye test

During eye testing, your optometrist will ask about your overall health, lifestyle, vision quality, and any eyewear you may use during the exam.

An eye examination comprises three key components:

  • Tests to examine your eye’s outer surface and your eye movements
  • Tests to check the condition of your inner eye
  • Tests to determine whether you need new glasses or contacts


The following activities may be performed during your eye exam, with your optometrist explaining each one as you go along:


  • Letter reading on a chart using multiple lenses. Other examinations are available if you cannot read, such as matching letters to pictures or identifying images.


  • Getting a view of your eye interior using an ophthalmoscope. This will have the optometrist positioning themselves near you and directing a bright light into your eye. You’ll then be instructed to look in various directions.


  • The optometrist will also perform a muscle control check to ensure that your eye movements are accurate.


  • To detect glaucoma or problems with eye pressure, they apply a pressure check using the ‘puff of air’ test.

After your eye test

Once eye testing is done, the optometrist will explain what they may have found. Also, they’ll discuss:


  • Whether you need different or new glasses
  • What signs of an eye condition they discovered


The optometrist will write a lens prescription if you need new eyeglasses.


However, if they think you need to be checked at a hospital, they’ll arrange a referral or let your GP know so they can book an appointment.


End your Google search for ‘eye test near me’ at 1001 Optical. We have several locations in New South Wales and Victoria where you can book an eye test for you or your kids.


Is bulk billing allowed at 1001 Optical?

Yes, we accept bulk billing at 1001 Optical. Just make sure you bring your Medicare card or number during your appointment with us.

What equipment do you use during the eye tests?

Some standard eye testing tools and equipment used by both optometrists and ophthalmologists include the following:


  • Tonometer — Used to measure fluid pressure in the eyeball.


  • Phoropter — Measures refractive errors and determines the patient’s eyeglass number.


  • Autorefractor — Takes measurements of refractive errors and prescribes lenses.


  • Snellen chart — A physical or digital chart placed around 6 metres from the patient and used to determine the correct prescription.

Retinal camera or ophthalmoscope — Can be used to capture interior images of the eye, especially those of the retina.

What does my prescription mean?

Eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions contain certain abbreviations depending on your vision condition. Numbers may also follow those abbreviations. Check with your optometrist to know exactly what your prescription means — whether it’s for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or some other eye condition.

How do I find the right glasses or contact lenses?

The right eyeglasses or contact lenses should be what your optometrist prescribes after an eye test. They should be designed to correct your vision problem and fit you comfortably.

At 1001 Optical, we’re ready to assist you with your vision needs, including finding the right prescription eyewear.

We also provide helpful information for people with vision concerns, such as helpful articles that discuss the proper cleaning of glasses, how often you should get an eye test and many more.